Using Microsoft Word

Title – heading 1, 48pt font, bold faced, center aligned, Palatino Linotyp, Palatino Linotypee
Subheading – heading 2, 20pt font, bold faced, center aligned,Palatino Linotype
Chapters – heading 2, 24pt font, bold faced, right aligned,Palatino Linotype
Content – Palatino Linotype, 11pt font

Page layout – Spacing between paragraphs – Home → Paragraph → Indents and Spacing tab → check the box next to “Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style”

Margins – Page Layout → click arrow in corner of Page Setup → Margins tab
Top: 0.5
Bottom: 0.5
Inside: 0.75
Outside: 0.5
Gutter: 0
Multiple pages: Mirror Margins
Apply to: Whole Document
This margin setup allows for space next to the binding so the wording doesn’t get lost in it. Inside margin may need to change based on the size of your book and the number of pages included.