Tom Norman

Tom Norman

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I’ve been a web developer for over 5 years, I published my first Fiction book in November 2017 and am working on a second unrelated superhero title. I’ve been a part of 4 podcasts, of which 2 are done and 2 are on hiatus. Talking HTML is about web development for beginners and Poorly Written is all about my writing process and the current book that is in progress.

I am currently taking on new clients and projects. No work too small no work too large, I’ll do my best to accommodate you and your needs.

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Website Development

While I don’t specialize in logo creation, I have dabbled in the art and created the logos for the TalkCast Network, the Talking HTML Podcast, the Talking Fire Podcast, and the Burning Locks podcast.

Currently I am offering fully handcrafted and personalized websites as well as WordPress websites in association with custom HTML and CSS coding.

For full website creation I prefer to do a project quote versus an hourly rate. For projects that require only a little bit of time I would use an hourly rate. Prices are subject to change, but never during the middle of a project.


“Connected by another entrepreneur, I was impressed with Thomas’s work from the start. Thomas with Schaffen is friendly and helpful, and he meets you where you are – whatever need state you have, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are. Responsive with email and facebook messenger, he responds quickly, even if he’s working on other tasks. From editing audio and film to website design and problem solving, Thomas is your guy. Highly recommended.”


Chef, Podcaster

“Great website design! Tom is a true professional. He took time to listen!”



“Tom is great to work with! This was my first experience setting up a website and he was great about communicating with me through the entire process. He gave me a lot of suggestions and listened to all of my ideas and was great about letting me see things as they were in progress. Everything came together much faster than I expected. I would definitely recommend him and we love the site! Thanks Tom!”


Owner, Father and Son Pinball


G.B.P.D. : A New Class

Green Bay, Wisconsin isn’t known as a major crime hub, but as the city grows so do the problems. Follow Police Cadet Sandy Mason as he makes his way through the trials and tribulations of the police academy and into his new career as a police officer. Though the city is small, the events that Sandy and fellow officers are forced to face are going to shake the foundations of both the community and the department.


The new book.

A wealthy New York business man’s wife is kidnapped while at a fundraising benefit in Florida. Unfortunately they picked the wrong woman to take.

A story of vengeance and mystery leads to a surprise ending you won’t see coming.


Talking HTML

An audio, visual internet thing for web developers who are just starting out.

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2 Nerds 1 Quest

A Dungeons and Dragons adventure, live on Twitch!

Listen while JC guides Norm through the countryside as Aronan the Half-Elf Rogue. An adventure that is sure to get hearts racing and keep listeners on the edge of their seat.

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2 Nerds 1 Quest

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A 10 day trip to visit friends over Christmas and New Years, 2015 into 2016.


With friends living in Florida, why wouldn’t we go and visit every chance we got!


From old house to new house and life in general.