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I’ve been a web developer for over 8 years, I published my first Fiction book in November of 2017 and released my second unrelated superhero title NightTracer in February, 2022. I’ve been a part of several podcasts including the most recent one called 2 Nerds 1 Quest.

While I don’t specialize in logo creation, I have dabbled in the art and created the logos for the TalkCast Network, the Talking HTML Podcast, the Talking Fire Podcast, the Burning Locks podcast and the 2 Nerds 1 Quest podcast. I also designed and created the covers to both of my books.

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2 Nerds 1 Quest

2 nerds 1 quest logo on a metal industrial canvas

We’re a weekly Pathfinder 2e and Dungeons and Dragons 5e real play show aimed at helping players learn the rules and have fun doing so. Shows are recorded live on Twitch and YouTube Sunday mornings at 830am Central Time. All shows are available as videos on demand on the YouTube channel dating all the way back to our very first session!

Other RPG Systems we’ve tried include EZD6 and a few of us have dabbled in the new Daggerheart system from Critical Role. We’ll probably be diving more into that at some point in the near future. 

We’re always looking at ways to improve the show, so if you have any suggestions please join us in Discord and let us know! You can also rate and review the show whereever you get podcasts from and leave comments on the YouTube channel.


Jack Shelton’s wife Marla is kidnapped while at a fundraising benefit in Florida. Jack leaves his comfortable life in Green Bay to handle the situation on his own terms. Shaking off the rust of retirement deems difficult as Jack maneuvers his way through the trials of finding his wife in the unknown Florida towns of Port Charlotte and El Jobean.

A story of vengeance and mystery with a twist.

NightTracer Book Cover - palm trees with a dark purple and blue sunset silouetting the trees.
GBPD: A New Class

GBPD: A New Class

Green Bay, Wisconsin isn’t known as a major crime hub, but as the city grows so do the problems. Follow Police Cadet Sandy Mason as he makes his way through the trials and tribulations of the police academy and into his new career as a police officer. Though the city is small, the events that Sandy and fellow officers are forced to face are going to shake the foundations of both the community and the department.