Tom Norman

Norm will be traversing the tale as Aronan. By following JC’s lead he will be learning the ins and outs of Dungeons and Dragons.

From the Boom Town Get’em Guild of Thieves. Chaotic Neutral more intent on self-preservation than forming bonds and friendships. Tolerates the partnership formed with Eliana after she saved his life.
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John Dittmer
DM, Ellie

JC is the Dungeon Master Extraordinaire leading the journey in 2 Nerds 1 Quest. 

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Ryan Kuchta
Krixis Rubicon

An OG founder of Boom Town and Kuchta's Basement, Kooch has had a pivotal role in shaping the story.

A Tiefling Cleric, Krixis awoke in a castle bedroom tied up. After freeing himself he met up with Ellie and Aronan and accompanied them on their journey.
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Geoff Williams

AKA Genius.

He is the operator of the Lazy Dragon Tavern, a local establishment with a relaxed dungeon atmosphere. 

Doc is an odd fellow who decided to tag along with the group as they made their way north to figure out why the eternal dark had settled upon the land.
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2 Nerds 1 Quest
2 Nerds 1 Quest
Tom Norman

A Dungeons and Dragons Adventure, done live on Twitch every Sunday morning