After defeating the scorpion, the team does a bit of searching before coming to the realization that nothing is going to come easy in this lighthouse. The only saving grace is the knowledge of being close to town with warm soft beds and a few tankards of beer.

When Crew just can’t stay out of sight
Battle starts with Scrang and Bite Bite
Abed and Kain go to town
‘Til Lady Syl goes down
We really must finish this fight.

So Crew thinks he’s kind of pimpin’
And never shows signs of wimpin’
But when scorpion goes grabby
And a bit stabby, stabby,
Crew is left bloody and limp…’n’

Wanderer’s Guide:
Norm (Abed Klatch):
Genius (Crew):
Kooch (Lady Syl):
Rick (Jacob Kain):