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Child Themify WordPress Plugin

  • allows for easy coding without actually changing the original theme
  • starts with only the css file but you can add any file that you want.


  • the code for this file is in the show notes
  • makes your site more accessible to search engine crawling/indexing
  • if you use google dev tools you can see what your website looks like when it’s crawled by the google wizards. 1 of my sites looked completely broken. The images weren’t showing up and the content was a bit misplaced. When I added the robots.txt file and looked at it again the site looked as it should. Images were there and it looked like a complete website.

P3 Profiler WordPress plugin by GoDaddy, the hosting company

  • several different breakdowns of page load speed and how fast your plugins are loading

Optimize your images

  • Stay away from pngs if you can help it
  • use JPG, smaller file size by default. Can be optimized in Photoshop to become smaller

Ask yourself if social media share buttons are necessary or if you can get away with linking directly to the source


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