Individual Properties

Background -image

Background -repeat

Background -position

Background -size


background : #cccccc url(“img_tree.gif”) no-repeat fixed top left;

Multiple Background Images

background -image: url(“img_tree.gif”), url(“img_flwr.gif”);


positioning: top, bottom, left, right, center repeat, repeat-x (horizontal), repeat-y (vertical), no-repeat,

horizontal% vertical% (top left is 0% 0%)

horizontalpos verticalpos – ex= (0px 0px), (0em, 0em)

background -image default is top-left corner of an element and repeated

You can set a background to inherit, though I don’t recommend it.

Gradients can be created – however it is not supported by all browsers. Use with caution. If you are interested in background gradients simply search css background gradients to find some tutorials


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