Welcome to Talking HTML, an audio/video internet thing for web developers who are just starting out

Today it’s all about images!


2 main types I’ll talk about is jpeg and png.

Also SVG but that is reserved for a more in depth discussion


Images are one of the most important aspects of building and maintaining a website


Why use images?

Makes site look good

Visual representation of what website is about


Need to be cautious:

Photos take up bandwidth

  Big images can slow down site load time

     Load time is arguably the most important adjective of user experience

     If it takes to long to load people leave and go somewhere else



Millions of colors

Smaller file sizes

No opacity

blurry on zoom in



Millions of colors

Larger file size

Supports opacity

retains clarity when zoomed in


Not just photos!


Images can be used for backgrounds

   From full scale image to 1px repeated pattern -ex TNPW Design portfolio page

  Used for navigation buttons/ action buttons – though CSS now takes care of that unless button is specialized


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