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Today is all about the subdomain

  Can be used with both WordPress and FTP/ Hand crafted pages

What is a subdomain?

  1. All it is is a subdivision of a domain
  2. whenever you see a website with the address  randomname.blank.com/org/edu – the randomname is the subdomain. It always comes first


  1.   Can break your interests and topics into separate but manageable parts
  2.   Very useful when building a limited time site or an event which may only be around for a certain amount of time
  3.   You can choose to link a subdomain to the main domain or you can choose to keep it hidden
  4.   Don’t have to pay for multiple domains
  5.   Domains aren’t expensive but every penny counts when you are starting out
  6.   Keeps websites all in one spot
  7.   1 common domain

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