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Today is the cost-benefit analysis of working in a corporate setting versus working for yourself






  1. Constant income
  2. Relatively Consistent work schedule
  3. Work stays at work
  4. No working cost
    1. Computer
    2. Monitors
    3. Random supplies


  1. Work for someone else
    1. Answer to a boss
  2. Work looks the same ~ no change in scenery
  3. No matter how much or how hard you work you are stuck at a salary or hourly wage

Self employed /start up


  1. Create your own hours
  2. Ability to work on the projects you want to work on
  3. You can charge what you want


  1. No set schedule, work follows you
    1. If you don’t work you don’t get paid ~ can make for long work days
  2. Equipment costs money!
    1. Computer, software, extra monitors, peripherals
  3. You are responsible for finding your own work


final thought




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